What is a conglomerate of interesting things?

It is an excuse. An excuse to work on whatever we want that we enjoy and provides happiness in life.
Work on things you love & you will find happiness, this is what C&P is about.
So yeah, a conglomerate of baking, clothing, CRO, athlete sponsorship, active lifestyle, volunteering & whatever else is fun to work on!

We help people and business – just reach out!

Free advertising for things and people I love.

Supporting and sponsoring small, not-for-profit, community building or sustainability focused organizations.

Malmö, Sweden based Folkets Puck Hockeyklubb. Malmö’s largest not-for-profit hockey club.

Ottawa, Canada based Barrhaven Scottish RFC. Promoting teamwork, respect, effort & excellence.

Is your small organization struggling with resources but doing good for your community or the planet? We might be able to help. Please reach out to us.

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Ad / Affiliate Area