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Personal Training Plans & Assessments

1 on 1 Personal Training VIP Plan

Start your health and fitness journey today with 100% personalised plans including 1 on 1 training, nutrition and mindset coaching with weekly check-ins and unlimited communication.

DIY Programs with Live Support

Training and nutrition programs to easily follow yourself with the added bonus of getting two 50 minute consultations with me. Together we ensure that you are set up for success and have no unanswered questions.
Additional support hours can be purchased separately when needed.

Coming soon.

Movement for Life Assessment

Focused on improving your overall performance in life – this assessment and personalised training plan will fix imbalances and tightness in your body through a simple (possible to do at home) routine. Your personalised routine, based on the results of your assessment, will support your ability to play sports, wrestle with the kids or help a friend move – basically just enjoy life with a body that feels good.

Improve your day to day life with a simple assessment and up to just 3 x 30 mins of simple, equipment free, training per week. If you also have a training plan you can easily add this to your existing training without changing anything else.

Hockey Performance Plans & Assessments

Testimonial provided by Evan Farbstein. "The mobility routine has been working great! Been stretching regularly and doing the weight exercises once a week. My hip feels loose and I am able to play more." An example of Hockey Performance improvements.

1 on 1 Hockey Performance VIP Plan

Kick-start your hockey performance today & dominate on the ice.

100% personalised 1-1 training, nutrition and mindset coaching. We create a customised in-season and off-season plan based on your goals and current abilities. Focused on off-ice strength, conditioning, mobility, agility, nutrition, mindset and much more.

Hockey Performance Assessment

Looking for a lower commitment than the VIP package – but still get massive results. This is for you!

We assess your biomechanics through 4 movement patterns (8 exercises) essential to hockey performance. You receive a detailed video analysis and a personalised training plan to fix imbalances and weak links in your body that are holding back your true hockey potential. You are only as good as your weakest link.

No equipment needed and training protocol can easily be added to existing training plans without the need to adjust anything you are doing today.


I am all in on helping people and living and health and active lifestyle.
My passion comes from helping people and loving movement. These days my hockey playing is at the pond hockey and beer-league level (yes you can drink beer once in a while and be generally healthy) but I also love the outdoors, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding.

My philosophy is all about personalisation.
Health and fitness fail for more people because they do what they think they have to do or see what works for other people. This is a terrible approach. Long-term, sustainable health and fitness means working towards your goals with your lifestyle and behaviours in mind. The most difficult part is the mental side – the behavioural changes – so making those changes in a way that fits you is critical.

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