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Hockey Performance Training

Junior, professional, after-work adult league, the local pond hockey group – whatever your situation we can help you dominate on-ice utilising a personalised coaching approach built on top of a science backed and strategic approach to off-ice training.

  • Coaching and Support

    This isn't just a plan to follow. This is coaching and support with unlimited daily interactions and scheduled sessions. We analyse your goals, deadlines and lifestyle to create a realistic plan that we can work through together.

  • Year Round Approach

    Even if you only have 2 months to get into the best possible shape for the season we take a long-term view while implementing short term tactics. This means we work with in-season and off-season programming - getting the most out of training and nutrition to optimise on ice performance. Don't worry, there is no year long commitment.

  • Off-Ice Hockey Performance Training

    Focusing on Strength, Conditioning, Agility and Mobility. We use scientifically backed off-ice hockey training methods that translate to superior on-ice performance. We also take a holistic approach to everything off-ice working with training, nutrition, lifestyle, recovery and much more. This truly is an all-inclusive performance coaching with 100% personalisation.

  • Nutrition

    Getting the most of your training and performing to the highest levels means fuelling your body with the right food, in the right amounts at the right times. Includes personalised nutrition plans for all dietary preferences.

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Because everyone can live their best life. Fulfilled, happy and capable of anything – from keeping up with active children to elite sports performance we all have our goals and I want you to reach them so you can live your best life.

Personal Training

Looking to get healthier and improve your fitness? We can help with a personalised approach that fits with your lifestyle and goals. No tricks, no gimmicks, but hard work and dedication working together.

  • Training

    What working for you and your lifestyle? What are your goals? What activity do you enjoy? These are all important questions and are the starting point for a long-term positive relationship with fitness. Includes personalised training programs.

  • Nutrition

    Getting the most of your life and your new training program means nailing your nutrition. This isn't about a strict diet (although if your goal is too loose weight we might have to cut for a while) it is about mindset, knowledge, understanding the impact of, and your relationship with food. Fuel your body. Includes personalised nutrition plans.

  • Coaching and Support

    This isn't just a plan to follow. This is coaching and support with unlimited daily interactions and scheduled sessions.

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Supporting and sponsoring small, not-for-profit, community building or sustainability focused organizations.

Malmö, Sweden based Folkets Puck Hockeyklubb. Malmö’s largest not-for-profit hockey club.

Ottawa, Canada based Barrhaven Scottish RFC. Promoting teamwork, respect, effort & excellence.

Is your small organization struggling with resources but doing good for your community or the planet? We might be able to help. Please reach out to us.

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