*An important point I didn’t mention in the video: Your routine does NOT need to involve hitting the gym daily! Most people do very well, and in fact perform optimally with just 2 or 3 full body sessions per week. If you want to go to the gym everyday to keep the routine strong then on the other days focus on mobility and mindfulness (or you can do this from home).

Daily Routine for Fitness

Key Points:

  • Build consistency – a okay training protocol performed consistently will outperform the best protocol done inconsistently – but the combination of both great program and consistency is the real winner.
  • Consistency means, fitting your lifestyle, keeping positive by focusing on incremental gains and benefits rather than what you are trying to avoid consuming or doing. Set realistic goals and remember that you, not your friends and family, but you are the priority for you and you need to prioritise your goals in life and be okay with that.
  • Focus your routine around daily activity, no need to hit the gym everyday. The easiest way to do this is by walking for 15 mins after every meal. Try to hit 12,000 steps every day – that should take about 2 hours and walking after every meal for 15 mins will get you at least half way there.


Alright lets talk about a daily routine for fitness. Setting a daily routine, I think, is a great thing for consistency and when it comes to fitness consistency is the number one thing. You could do a poorly designed training program consistently and get way better results than an amazingly designed program done very inconsistently. Of course to get the best situation possible you want to get the best out of both worlds – you want great consistency and great programming. 

How do you keep consistent? Let’s talk about that and then I will give you a sample daily routine for fitness which is pretty simple from my everyday life.

How do you keep consistent?

The plan needs to fit into your lifestyle. It isn’t about sacrificing, the second you start talking to people about “I’m not able to do this” or “I’m sacrificing this, I’m sacrificing that”, this is a slippery slop. Yeah, you might need to cut back on some things to reach your goals but really what you want to be focusing on is that it’s about adding to your wellbeing. You want to focus on that you are feeling better, performing better, etc.

If you focus on those small wins you’ll get consistency much faster. Basically, focus on the positives, focus on the incremental improvements. This is all about mindset. Lots of people say “push through” and that’s also true, some days you are going to have a bad day and nothing is going to cheer you up and that’s great to be able to just push through but really try to stay positive, focus on those incremental improvements to your life and keep your focus on that. How much stronger are you this week than last week, how much better is your resting heart rate (if you are measuring your heart rate with like a FitBit or something similar), what are the trends with that. Focus on the positives and not on “oh I wasn’t able to go drink that beer” – no, think “I was able to go out with my friends and feel really good and have a lot of fun and yeah I happened not to drink that beer”.

It’s also important to have realistic goals. If you set yourself unrealistic goals then your not going to be consistent because you are never going to get the progress that you think you should be getting. It might be just that your goal is unrealistic. So keep your goals realistic.

Build routines, set times for activities, that’s what we are going to talk about here in a second. An example routine. Can be very simple, schedule it if you need to. If you are good at keeping a routine without setting specific times you just roll into it whenever you wake you, great – whatever works for you. Again, it has to fit into your lifestyle.

Now in terms of some tips.

I can tell you that going to the gym everyday and staying consistent in that matter, most people that do that successfully are the morning crowd. The ones that go before work or whatever else they have going on that day. This isn’t really any sort of proof and it could be completely different for you. Again you have to do what feels right for you and what fits into your life, this is just what you will notice being around the gym a lot, that the morning crowd is very consistent.

The other tip is, remember that you are the priority here right. You are putting yourself first and you deserve to put yourself first. No matter what other people say in terms of like “oh come out and do this or do that or eat this or drink that”, remember you are allowed to say no, you are allowed to hang out with people and not overindulge. You are also allowed to indulge a little bit depending on where your calories in and calories out are and depending on what your goals are. If there is a goal you have in mind and you are trying to create consistency towards that don’t feel bad about being selfish and making choices for yourself. Your friends and family should accept you for making those choices. So remember that you are the priority.

In terms of a sample daily routine. So as I said, most people are most consistent with the gym when they go in the morning. If you can, get up, get yourself a morning gym session. After your morning gym session make sure you get some food into you, have some breakfast. Then I would also say in term of a consistent daily routine for daily activity – or a daily routine for fitness – take a walk every time you eat something, have a meal. It can just be 15 mins, it doesn’t have to be a big deal. So have breakfast, take a walk. This will actually help you with glucose spiking and insulin and stuff like that, it’s good to move a little after eating. I’m not going to get deep into that science but it’s good. Then maybe you go work for a few hours. Then this is where daily activity comes back in – so you have lunch, you go for a walk. Then you work in the afternoon. Then you have dinner, go for a walk. See the trend here. Maybe you are a real hustler so after you work some more or maybe you spend time with your family. Then if you are eating four meals a day you have this when you have your evening meal, you take a short walk and then you relax and decompress before bed time.

In terms of a daily fitness routine that is basically it. The recommendation, if it works for you, is to go to the gym in the morning as that is when people seem to be the most consistent and every time you have a meal go for a short walk. Plan in those 15 minutes, or longer if you wish. Keep the consistency up because the consistency is what is going to really get you the results. Good luck!

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