Improve your functional hockey specific movement in 4 weeks.

Unlock your hockey potential by addressing the weak links in your biomechanics with a Hockey Performance Assessment and personalised training protocol.

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Hockey Performance Assessment

The Hockey Performance Assessment is the fastest and simplest way to take your game to the next level. We identify the weak links in your body – you are only as good as your weakest link – and provide a personalised training protocol for you to break through this season and dominate the competition.

  • Gain a conditioning and speed advantage through efficient movement. Reduce risk of injury and be strong on the puck. A winning combination.
  • Personalised approach – you get a training protocol that targets you and your specific needs.
  • Biomechanical analysis translates directly to hockey performance. Improve your body’s abilities off-ice in ways that are scientifically proven to functionally translate directly to on-performance.
  • No equipment needed to complete assessment or training protocol.
  • Off-ice training means no expensive ice-times needed!
  • Training protocol can be added to your existing routine with no or minimal extra recovery time, to not impact your other training and skill development.
Hockey Performance Assessment testimonial. What a thorough and professional analysis. I can feel the progress in just a few weeks.
"What a thorough & professional analysis. I can feel the progress in just a few weeks"
Sofia Sjölander
Hockey Player

How does a hockey performance assessment work?

  • Perform & Submit Assessment

    The assessment consists 8 exercises (no equipment needed) and submitting a front and side angle video of each exercise.
    We will provide you with instructions and videos of 8 of the exercises via direct link upon payment confirmation.

  • Professional Hockey Specific Assessment

    I, a trained Hockey Performance Specialist, will break down the videos and provide you general feedback as well as a specific protocol you can follow to fix the weak links in your performance. I will identify any weak links in your structural balance, strength, mobility, stability, and more that you can improve to dominate on the rink.
    The protocol translates directly to improved on ice performance, is 100% personalised and requires no equipment to perform.

  • Dominate

    Improving your structural balance, stability, uni-lateral strength, mobility or any other weak links you may have will make you able to move more efficiently and with strength on the ice.
    Efficient movement equals better conditioning as well as improved stride length and stride frequency which leads to more speed.
    Structural balance will reduce injury risk.
    Stability and strength means not getting pushed around on the ice.
    Sounds like a winning combination to me.

Who is the hockey performance assessment for?

Junior, professional, after-work adult league, the local pond hockey group – whoever you are playing with and whatever your skill level we can help you be your best.

Testimonial provided by Evan Farbstein. "The mobility routine has been working great! Been stretching regularly and doing the weight exercises once a week. My hip feels loose and I am able to play more." An example of Hockey Performance improvements.

What are the Bio-mechanical movements and how do they relate to hockey performance?

  • Locomotion – movement, obviously there is a lot of movement in hockey and the more efficiently you can move the better your conditioning and speed will be.
  • Level Changes – ability to move up and down, in hockey you are constantly in hip flexion (bent at the hips) but as you shot, pass, skate, take a face-off, make or take a hit you are moving your body up and down to get into the best positions. Efficient and strong movement in level changes is key to performing basic and advanced hockey movements.
  • Push-Pull – hockey is a uni-lateral sport and causes imbalances in the body, we want to make sure you are evenly strong across your body, your core and don’t have any common scapula or shoulder issues – this reduces injury risk and ensures you can be strong and safe in puck battles.
  • Rotation – I don’t think I need to tell you the shooting, passing and if you think about it, even skating, uses a lot of rotational and anti-rotation strength. Plus you need some rotational mobility to performance advanced skating techniques like mohawk turns.

Hockey Performance Assessment Case Studies

Unlock your hockey potential by addressing the weak links in your body with a Hockey Performance Assessment and personalised training protocol.

Improve your hockey game in 4 weeks and dominate on the ice.

  • Quick turn around - get your personalised training protocol within 7 days.
  • Find and fix the details that are holding back your performance - unlock the next level!
  • Risk Free - if we can't find anything to help you improve, you get full refund.
  • Assessment instructions available via link upon payment confirmation.
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