Maximise on-ice hockey performance by dominating off-ice.

Maximise on-ice hockey performance by dominating off-ice.

You can achieve a lot with a helping hand.

  • Speed – skate faster
  • Strength – be heavy, stable on the puck
  • Conditioning – get critical overtime minutes
  • Power – explosive speed and shot
  • Mobility – maximise movement efficiency and body control
  • Agility – float like a butterfly
  • Nutrition – fuel for performance and advancement
  • Recovery – maximise performance during games
  • Mindset – have the confidence to dominate

Online coaching available everywhere, or in-person in Malmö.

Hockey Strength & Conditioning VIP Program

The concept

  • No bull. A realistic approach to what is achievable based on your goals, timelines and lifestyle.
  • Bespoke. Personalised training, nutrition & mindset programs that evolve as we progress together.
  • Results. Flexibility to fit your lifestyle with high accountability. This combination equals results.
  • Coaching. Long-term success because we will focus on your behaviours, lifestyle, goals and education.
  • 100% online.

What’s included?

  • Welcome gift: Hockey Performance Assessment included for free.
  • 1 to 1 coaching.
  • Personalised off-ice training program based on your goals and lifestyle. We also consider the time of year, in-season, off-season, tryouts, play-offs, etc. to ensure peak in-game performance year round.
  • Functional movement and mobility assessments.
  • Nutrition coaching and planning for maximum gains and performance.
  • Mindset work to ensure you recover and perform to your highest potential.
  • Training, Nutrition & Mindset plans that evolve as we progress together.
  • Training APP & nutrition and health tracker.
  • Training form analysis (stay safe!).
  • Weekly video calls.
  • Text message support & guidance.
  • 1-1 coaching sets you up for long-term success because we will focus on your behaviours, lifestyle, goals and education.
This package is the ultimate in personalised, 1 to 1, hockey strength & conditioning (as well as nutrition & mindset) program.

Who is the hockey strength & conditioning VIP for?

People who are 100% dedicated and committed. I don’t care what level you play at, your age, your gender – what I do care about is that I am going to throw everything I have into making you the best hockey player and I expect the same dedication and hard-work from the athletes I work with.

Junior, professional, after-work adult league, the local pond hockey group – whoever you are playing with and whatever your skill level we can help you be your best.

How does the hockey strength & conditioning VIP program work?

There is so much that goes into this program, so to give you an idea of what you can expect here is a brief list.

  • Initial performance assessment.
  • Periodised training plan based on physical needs, hockey goals and hockey/life schedule.
  • Training feedback on video recordings of exercise.
  • We train (at least) strength, conditioning, stability, mobility & agility which have direct and functional impact, improving your on-ice speed, conditioning, shot power, shot accuracy and being strong on the puck.
  • Personalised nutrition plan to support goals, maximise game day performance and improve overall health.
  • Tracking of training, health metrics, sleep, stress and food to find the balance that works best for you.
  • Weekly 1 to 1 calls to cover questions, provide coaching, have a mental check-in and just cover all the bases.
  • Open text message communication.
Basically, based on our work together, I create a personalised plan for your individual needs – you implement that plan and I connect with you every week via video call (and any time via text) to ensure we constantly progress and that you get all the coaching and learning you want and need.
Then, you simply go and crush the competition.

Achieve your hockey performance goals and push yourself to the next level with a hockey specific and exclusive 1-1 coaching program.

100% Personalised Hockey VIP

  • 1-1 Coaching
  • Hockey Specific & Personal Programming
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Is there a more basic package to get me started?

YES! The Hockey Performance Assessment gets you a personalised plan to improve the weak links in your chain - "you are only as good as your weakest link". Performance 8 exercises, get an assessment and a training protocol to follow that is sure to translate directly to on-ice improvements. 

Learn More: Hockey Performance Assessment