Improve your functional movement in 4 weeks.

Play with your children, join an adult sports league, move better and reduce injury risk.

Live a fulfilled life by addressing the weak links in your biomechanics with a Movement for Life Assessment and personalised training protocol.

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Movement for Life Assessment

The Movement for Life Assessment is the fastest and simplest way to take the first steps in living a fulfilled life with a balanced body.

I identify the weak links in your body – you are only as good as your weakest link – and provide a personalised training protocol for you to immediately move better in everyday life.

  • Reduce risk of injury, balance your body, make everyday life easier and more enjoyable.
  • Personalised approach – you get a training protocol that targets you and your specific needs.
  • Analysis of biomechanics translates directly to functional everyday movement.
  • No equipment needed to complete assessment or training protocol.
  • At home training means no gym needed!
  • Training protocol can be added to your existing routine with no or minimal extra recovery time, to not impact your other training.
"What a thorough & professional analysis. I can feel the progress in just a few weeks"
Sofia Sjölander
Nano-electronics Engineer

How does a movement for life assessment work?

  • Perform & Submit Assessment

    The assessment consists 8 exercises (no equipment needed) and submitting a front and side angle video of each exercise.
    We will provide you with instructions and videos of 8 of the exercises via direct link upon payment confirmation.

  • Professional Assessment

    I, a trained Performance Specialist, will break down the videos and provide you with specific feedback as well as a personal protocol you can follow to fix the weak links in your body's movement patterns.

  • Live a Better Life

    Improving your structural balance, stability, uni-lateral strength, mobility or any other weak links you may have will make you able to move more efficiently and feel strong and stable in everyday life.
    You can feel confident that your body will handle anything life throws at you and reduce your risk for injury.

Who is the movement for life assessment for?

The short answer: everyone! You have imbalances and weak links in your body. Fixing these will dramatically improve your ability to live the life you want while reducing the risk for injury – which most commonly occur from common tasks like lifting your child during play or getting groceries out of the car.

What are the biomechanical movements and how do they relate to everyday life?

  • Locomotion – movement from one place to another is something you do every day, probably millions of times, but is that movement efficient, safe and pain free? It could be.
  • Level Changes – ability to move up and down. Just think about picking your child up or reaching to the top shelf in the pantry, you are moving up and down all day long and this is usually when people hurt their backs, especially when combined with rotation. Strength and proper movement in level changes is keep to staying safe at home, the office or in recreational sports. 
  • Push-Pull – can you push and pull effectively? Are you equally stable, mobile and strong on both sides of your body? Seems simple right, but this assessment also checks your anterior and posterior core as well as your shoulders, upper back and so much more.
  • Rotation – in life we do a lot of rotating, it can be as simple as passing the potatoes from one side of your body to the other so complex movements like chopping wood. More importantly though most people lack anti-rotation strength making the entire core unstable. Doesn’t sound ideal right?

Play with your children, join an adult sports league, move better and reduce injury risk.

Improve your bodies ability move functionally, in 4 weeks, and live your best life.

  • Quick turn around - get your personalised training protocol within 7 days.
  • Find and fix the details that are holding back your performance - unlock your potential!
  • Risk Free - if we can't find anything to help you improve, you get full refund.
  • Assessment instructions available via link upon payment confirmation.
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