Assessing your fitness level

Key Points:

  • There are many physical and phycological benefits, some most of which are fairly controversial in the health and fitness industry.
  • There are practical benefits though!
  • Practical Benefit #1: Calories control. If you skip 3 meals in a day, aka you eat dinner one day and then don’t eat dinner until the next day. Assuming you don’t have a bigger than usual dinner you have just skipped 2 or 3 meals. That’s a lot of skipped calories. Assuming this helps keep your calories out (used) higher than your calories in (consumed) then you will lose weight. But I don’t recommend doing this more than once a week or it can have real negative impacts, mentally and physically. Use fasting with control and caution – get help from a professional.
  • Practical Benefit #2: This one is personal to me, but you may feel the same way. A fast helps me mentally understand my hunger feelings and allows for me to control my feelings of hunger on non fasting days. This is because we are conditioned to eat at regular intervals and if we don’t we feel hungry – even though we don’t really need food, we are not hungry for real, we just think we are. So fasting for a day can get me past this mental hurdle which can help my on other days.
  • Good luck with your fasting, but aside from spiritual and calories restriction benefits, don’t think of it as some miracle cure.

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